Two wedding photographers around the world.

Two wedding photographers around the world.

Two specialists in registering weddings, a Brazilian and a Portuguese. Separated by an ocean and united by the willingness of photographing, together, weddings around the world.

Daniel Ribeiro, from Estúdio D, based in Portugal & Márcio Monteiro, from Márcio Monteiro Imagens, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In 2013, Márcio went to Portugal seeking remarkable images and a transforming photographic experience.

There a new friendship was born, which led Daniel to cruise the Atlantic Ocean several times to photograph and and teach workshops in Brazil. On the other way, Márcio traveled several times to the Old Continent to teach courses and perform photographic works.

Today they are together, around the world, doing what they love most: photographing weddings. With the true affection and dedication of those who love what they do and live for doing it.

A human and sensible photography, capable of telling in beautiful images the most special moments in the most diverse cultures.

Destination Weddings with the specialists.

Two photographers, around the world.

In your wedding.

In your place, anywhere.